Link Query Results to Filtered Dashboards

The use case in this example is aimed to provide a smooth transition between dashboard1 that contains a query results widget (regular table) when one of the result columns has values that link to dashboard2 that uses the value name as a filter.

Let's say you have a query that shows a metric for all the clients you're working with and you want to see an in-depth analysis dashboard for that specific client when you see their name in your query results (their metrics are higher/lower than expected or any other reason that feels right for you).

What you'll need for this to work is:

    Filtered dashboard
    Clickable query results

Filtered Dashboards

    Create a few queries that have the same filter - for example, a client's name (relevant column = client), read about filters  here.
    Combine your queries into a dashboard - for this tutorial we'll call it "Client in-depth info". If you want this dashboard to include visualizations,  create them in the query view first
    Contact us to enable a  dashboard level filter (if you're using the hosted version).

Clickable Query Results

    Add clickable links to your query, resulting in the full URL or via an anchor tag -  see example here
    The URL needs to be something like this for a client named "JJinc": In order to get that URL string, enter this in your query: For a clickable full URL:  SELECT '' || client || ' AS client ...

For a clickable client's name: `SELECT  ' || client || '' as client ...``

Enjoy your filtered dashboards links!

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