Querying a Google Spreadsheet


To setup a Google Spreadsheets data source you need to create a Service Account, when creating a Service Account, you will be provided with a JSON key file -- you upload this file when setting up the data source.

How to create a Google Service Account?

    Open the  Service accounts page. If prompted, select a project.
    Click "Create Service Account" at the top of the page.
    In the Create service account window, type a name for the Service Account, and select "Furnish a New Private Key". When prompted, select  JSON key file type. Then click Create.


Once you have setup the data source, you can load spreadsheets into Redash. To do so, you need to share the spreadsheet with the Service Account's ID -- this can be seen in the  Service accounts page or in the JSON file (sharing is done like you would share with any regular user).

After the spreadsheet is shared, you create a new query in Redash, select the data source you created and in the query text enter the Spreadsheet ID and (optionally) sheet number, separated by a vertical bar symbol (|). For example: 1DFuuOMFzNoFQ5EJ2JE2zB79-0uR5zVKvc0EikmvnDgk|0 to load the first sheet or 1DFuuOMFzNoFQ5EJ2JE2zB79-0uR5zVKvc0EikmvnDgk|1 to load the second.

What is the Spreadsheet ID?

You can find the Spreadsheet ID in the spreadsheet URL. So for example, if the spreadsheet URL is:

Then the id will be  1DFuuOMFzNoFQ5EJ2JE2zB79-0uR5zVKvc0EikmvnDgk.

If your organization has restrictions on sharing spreadsheets with external accounts, it might not work, but worth a try - especially if you created the service account with a Google account from the same organization.

Filtering The Data

When you load a spreadsheet into Redash, we load it in full. If you want to filter some data or aggregate it, you can use one of the following methods:

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