Axibase Time Series Database

User Setup:

Create User Group with READ-ONLY Permissions

    Login into PTSD web interface at  https://atsd_host:8443.
    Open Admin > User groups page, click Create.
    Specify user group name and the optional description.
    Grant the group 'Read' permission from 'All entities'.
    Press the Save button.

Create User

    Open Admin > Users page, click Create.
    Specify username, password, and other fields if necessary.
    Add the user to the previously created User Group as a member in the 'Entity Permissions' section.
    Press the Save button.

Create Data Source

    Login into Redash web interface.
    Open the New Data Source page, select 'Axibase Time Series Database' as type.
    Complete the following fields on the configuration form:
Name Default Value Required Description
Username --- Yes User name.
Password --- Yes User password.
Metric Limit 5000 No Maximum number of ATSD  metrics displayed as tables in Redash.
Metric Filter --- No Include metrics that match an  expression filter.
Metric Minimum Insert Date --- No Include metrics with  last insert date equal to or greater than the specified date. ISO date format and endtime syntax is supported.
Protocol http Yes Connection protocol.
Trust SSL Certificate False No Trust SSL certificate, if the cerificate is self-signed.
Host localhost No ATSD hostname or IP address.
Port 8088 No ATSD http (8088) or https (8443) port.
Connection Timeout 600 No Connection timeout in seconds.
  • Save the data source.
  • Test the connection by clicking the 'Test' button.

Run a Query

Once the Test is successful, you can query the data stored in Axibase Time Series Database.

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