Getting Started

Add A Data Source

The first thing you'll want to do is connect at least one data source . You can add a new data source from the quick link in the navigation bar:

Or via the Data Source tab in your admin settings:

If you’re using the Hosted Redash service, you'll need to allow access from the IP address in your database firewall/security groups (unless it’s publicly available).

We recommend using a user with read-only permissions for the database ( BigQuery is an exception).

Write A Query

Once you've connected at least one data source, give it a go and write a query in our comfy Query Editor!

Click “New Query” on the homepage or under the Queries menu in the navigation bar. See the   “Writing Queries” page for detailed instructions on how to write queries.

You might also find it helpful to check out some Query  Examples!

Create A Dashboard

Easily combine visualizations and text into thematic dashboards and share them in minutes. You can add a new dashboard via the Dashboard menu (the bottom item will be 'New Dashboard') or via the home screen. For more details,   click here.

Adding Visualizations

Query results (good old tables) are great, but visualizations are even better at helping us digest complex information. Redash supports  multiple types of visualizations so you should find one that suits your needs (let us know if something is missing).

Click the “New Visualization” button just above the results to select the perfect visualization for your needs.  You can view more detailed instructions  here.

Invite Colleagues

Redash is better together.

Admins, to start enjoying the collaborative nature of Redash you'll want to invite your team!

Users can view team member's queries for inspiration (or debugging ;)), fork them to create similar queries of their own, view & create dashboards, and share insights with others in your team via Email, Slack or HipChat.

Users can only be invited by admins - to invite a new user go to Settings>Users and hit New User:

Then, fill in their name and email. They'll get an invite via email and be required to set up a Redash account.

Users can be added to existing groups - add users to it by typing their name:

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